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While Leon County is a great place to live for so many, we can do better. Our people-powered campaign is about finding new ways to address old problems. The same old way of doing things will not improve the lives of everyone in our community and will not bring us to a better future. Together we can bet back to the basics of serving our community.

I want to hear from you! Send me a message to let me know what you need from your County Commissioner.

Affordable Housing

My top priority will be increasing the availability of affordable housing. Our community is among the many without nearly enough affordable housing. We need to pursue innovative solutions and increase the resources available to improve affordability.

Community First Economic Development

While building hotels and luxury apartments is exciting, we need to use our economic development budgets better. We should direct our economic development efforts to meet the needs not currently being met by the private sector. We lack enough primary care doctors, mental health professionals, affordable childcare, specialized medical services, reliable broadband internet, and more. Recruiting these companies and businesses should be the first priority for our economic development.

Inclusive Development

As we improve our neighborhoods, we need to include the long-time residents in the success of new developments. We will make sure all members of our community share in the benefits of neighborhood revitalization. 

Community Resilience & Stability

Our local government’s first priority should be meeting the basic needs of its residents. When all of our neighbors enjoy the stability of knowing their needs are met, our whole community can thrive together. My priority will always be to address the needs of our people before anything else proactively. The challenges we face will constantly change, and the answer will always be to support each other and face the uncertainty together as a community. 

Ethics & Transparency

The recent conviction of Scott Maddox and others brought light to a culture of insider access and influence that is all too prevalent in local governments. This damaged the trust you had in your local leaders to do what’s right for you. What we need now are leaders who serve only to benefit the people. I learned growing up that integrity is doing the right thing when it’s difficult and when no one is looking. I will serve with integrity and repair the trust in our government.

Environmental Justice

We enjoy the natural beauty only mother nature can provide with our long-standing oak trees and natural canopy roads. In our environmental protection efforts, we must make sure to preserve a clean and healthful environment for all, especially for those who have traditionally lived, worked, and played nearest to the sources of pollution.


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